ML Solo high pressure direct air humidifier

The ML Solo high pressure humidifier provides low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling directly to a room's atmosphere.

A series of spray units are strategically located in the area being humidified and are connected to a high pressure pump and water treatment system. Supply water is filtered to remove any minerals and then supplied to the spray units at between 50-70bar. When released through the high pressure nozzles, the water atomises and is absorbed by the air.

The nozzles can be suspended from a ceiling or mounted on a wall. Adjustable joints allow their sprays to be directed. A fan unit under the nozzles encourages evaporation and assist in directional control.

Each spray unit can provide between 1.5-5 litres per hour and are available in white, grey or black.

Play the video to watch the ML Solo in action

ML Solo Samkaup project

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Features and benefits

  • Very quiet operation
  • Low running costs & energy consumption
  • Available in white, grey or black
  • No compressed air needed
  • Ceiling or wall mounted
  • Demineralised water so no dust introduction

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