Condair OptiSorp short evaporation steam distribution manifold

The OptiSorp steam distribution manifold shortens the evaporation distance of steam released inside a duct or air handling unit (AHU). This prevents steam from coming into contact with components or corners within the AHU and ensures reliable and hygienic steam humidification.

Tiny patented inner nozzles on the manifold draw steam from the centre of the steam pipe where it is at its hottest and driest. This guarantees that steam is introduced to the AHU without “spitting” that can occur when condensation forms around the cooler outer surface of the pipe.

A uniform spread of these nozzled outlets across the whole manifold provides a consistent release of dry steam across the air stream and reduces the evaporation distance compared to standard steam pipes.

The OptiSorp is made of robust stainless steel for a long operational life.

Features and benefits

  • Up to four times short evaporation than standard steam pipes
  • Patented inner nozzles guarantee dry steam deliver
  • Uniform steam distribution in duct for accurate humidity control
  • Stainless steel construction for long operational life

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